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Essay Plus is a professional proofreading service for both students and businesses. We optimise the accuracy and readability of content– from Fortune 500 business reports to academic papers.

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Proofreading is a service that is one Essay Plus’ notable service as students from all over the world have improved their grades after ordering proofreading services from Essay Plus. In fact, 99% of students reported improved writing grades. Providing proofreading services since 2005, Essay Plus has helped students improve their papers - from essays, research papers, book reviews, theses, and dissertations.

When you order proofreading services from Essay Plus, we provide a 100% money back guarantee. This means that if you are ever not satisfied with the quality of the proofreading services provided by Essay Plus, you are entitled to a full refund for your proofreading order. Moreover, Essay Plus’ proofreading services also come with 100% plagiarism free guarantee. All proofreading services are thoroughly checked by a second set of expert eyes before the proofread essay is submitted back to you. They are also checked against plagiarism software to ensure that no proofreading services completed by Essay Plus’ proofreaders are plagiarized.

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Essay Plus is always at your service 24/7 for all of your academic needs and to make sure your paper is the best it can be with our professional proofreaders. Just reach out to Essay Plus via our email, live chat or feel free to directly order proofreading service online.

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Why Essay Plus’ Proofreading Services

All students should consider having their essays at least proofread, if not edited by experts who understands all the semantics, grammar, and the know-how to how to effectively and concisely write a paper. Since Essay Plus has writers specialized in all sorts of fields holding different degrees, Essay Plus is able to proofread and work on virtually any topic. Examples of topics Essay Plus’ proofreading experts have already covered, just to name a few are: Marketing, Astronomy, Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Education, Romance Languages, Organizational Behavior, Computer Engineering, Philosophy, Psychology, Biblical Studies, Ethics, and Religion.

When a student utilizes professional proofreading services, he/she is able to feel at ease in knowing that his/her essay is free of errors and feeling more positive in that an error-free essay will increase the grade of the paper, compared to an essay which has grammar errors or spelling errors which will lead to deducted grades.

You may be wondering how professional proofreading services work. Well it’s quite simple and only involves two steps.

First, Essay Plus’ professional proofreaders reviews your paper as they search for errors including spelling, grammar, word choice, punctuation, and English usage. Your proofreader will then correct all errors present in the paper and may insert more appropriate word choices to better augment the clarity of your essay.

As a second step, another expert proofreader will re-read and review the proofreading work completed to double make sure that the paper is properly organized and to make sure no grammatical errors were missed. The second proofreader may move around phrases to help make the essay flow in a coherent manner.

Regardless of whether you upload your document in Microsoft Word document or a PDF, Essay Plus is able to provide students with with proofreading services quickly as Essay Plus is able to track all changes including minor fixes to major rewrites.

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  • Customer feedback ★★★★★★★★★★ 10 / 10

    "With Essay Plus' help in proofreading my college application essay, I got admitted into my dream ivy league school - Harvard! Thanks so much!"


    Application Essay, 3 pages.

    Sara A. (Cambridge)

  • Customer feedback ★★★★★★★★★★ 9 / 10

    "I never realized what a difference proofreading your essay can make until I received my first A+ when I tried Essay Plus' proofreading services."

    International Relations

    Research Paper, 12 pages.

    Euegene J. (Boise)

  • Customer feedback ★★★★★★★★★★ 9 / 10

    "The best proofreading services I've found so far - Essay Plus really helped me go through my graduate program a lot easier."


    Essay (any type), 5 pages.

    Mary B. (Santa Clara)

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