100% Original

EssayPlus always checks all Works against plagiarism detection softwares.

If for any reason the Customer detects plagiarism in the Work, EssayPlus will provide a full refund. “Plagiarism” in this context, includes: failure to add quotation marks around direct quotes and passing off someone else’s words and/or ideas as their own.

Where there is a discrepancy as to whether the Customer's findings constitute Plagiarism or not, EssayPlus will carefully review the Work and make a decision, taking into consideration all relevant circumstances. It is the discrecion of EssayPlus to make the final decision on whether the work provided is considered Plagiarism. All decisions made by EssayPlus are final. If the alleged Plagiarism is minor or is reasonably obvious that the alleged Plagiarism is due to a mistake, EssayPus will take all relevant circumstances into consideration and determine whether the guarantee is payable or not.

The guarantee will not apply if EssayPlus detects plagiarism and informs the Customer of this via the email address provided upon signup before the Customer contacts EssayPlus about plagiarism detection. In such cases, a re-do of the editing/proofreading service or web content service will be provided where requested by the Customer.

Timely Delivery

The Customer may order in as little as 8 working hours up to 30 calendar days and EssayPlus will guarantee that the Customer receives their Orders no later than the day that the Customer selects as the “Urgency” due date, or EssayPlus will refund the Customer in full. While EssayPlus will always try to notify the Customer at least 24 hours ahead in advance for any possibilities in lateness of delivery, in the slight chance the EssayPlus is not able to deliver the Order on time for any reason, EssayPlus will calculate the difference of late days and refund the amount equal to the additional extended days to the Customer.

This Guarantee applies for all selected due dates unless the due date selected by the Customer falls on a “non-working day” which includes: Sunday, Bank Holiday, Christmas Day, or New Year’s Day. All Orders placed with due dates on these non-working days will be delivered the following day by midnight, 12:00 am UTC.

EssayPlus will not be held liable under this guarantee for any lateness if the reasons are due to problems that may arise from third parties, including, but not limited to hosting providers, database softwares, mail account providers, and Internet Service Providers. EssayPlus will also not be liable under this guarantee where a delay is caused by the death or illness of the editor or immediate family member(s).

In cases of non-delivery, the Customer agrees to contact EssayPlus within 24 hours after the requested due date and work together to overcome the difficulties at hand which caused the delay where EssayPlus will assist the Customer via the Customer Control Panel until the Customer receives the Work. However, if the Customer decides to wait longer to inform EssayPlus of non-delivery, the Customer agree that they do so at their own risk and EssayPlus will not be held liable for any non-or late delivery. If requested, EssayPlus will provide proof that the Work was completed and uploaded for the Customer on time, or proof of technical difficulties, death or illness of the editor and/or the editor’s immediate family member(s).

If the delay in the delivery of Work is due to the Customers’ actions, including but not limited to where the Customer has failed to pay an outstanding balance due for the Order, requested for additional and/or changes to the instructions after the Order has been placed, EssayPlus will have no obligations whatsoever in relation to the Completion on Time Guarantee.

Money Back

The Customer agrees that the quality standard ordered is not a guarantee of the result they will receive, nor any guarantee of the Customer's final mark or grade on their assignment.

In the case that the Customer wishes to dispute the quality standard of the Work ordered under this policy, the Customer must provide EssayPlus with credible evidence promptly. This may include a copy of the tutor or professor’s feedback, as well as the work that was submitted. EssayPlus will then take the submitted evidence into account, considering all relevant circumstances and carefully review the submitted evidence when reaching a decision and all information will be treated with 100% confidentiality.

If the Work is determined to be below the quality standard ordered, but the reason for the unsatisfactory quality was due to the Customer’s Order specifications and/or instructions whether it be inaccuracies, ambiguity, and/or amendments with the specifications and/or instructions including correspondence and amendment requests, no refund will be provided.

This guarantee is effective for 30 days from the date the final amendment was made and delivered to the Customer in order to receive a full refund. Complaints received after that date will not be valid.

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