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Are you attending an Australian college or Australian university and fed up with all the essays assigned to you by your professors? For everyone who is feeling this way, they may have thought of utilizing online essay writing services where they can get essay help Australiaor at least searched into one. However, what you might have found is a lot of website claiming to specialize in Australian English essays but you can see from the website that they are clearly not Australian. You can see this from the spelling or the way in which they phrase some sentences.

At Essay Plus, we do exactly the opposite. We do not claim that we specialise in Australian English only. We do not claim all of our writers and staff are Australian. What we do offer, which most other essay writing services in Australia do not offer is talented, educated, and expert Australian writers whose native language is not only Australian English but has years of writing experience with at least a Bachelor’s degree. Our high requirements in our writers makes the essays we produce of excellent quality, leaving our customers happy and satisfied. Below, you will see some statistics on what our customers think of us.

Although a large percentage of the world’s population speaks English, it’s amazing just how different each English speaking country is. In Australia alone, the Australian English is different from other varieties of English in accent, pronunciation, register, slangs, vocabulary, grammar, and even spelling. For example, if you hear someone use the phrase: “no worries, she’s apples!” most English speaking people might raise an eyebrow; but for an Australian or an Australian English speaking person, this has a meaning and does not sound odd at all. You can expect the same sort of tone and nuances in the essay help Australia you order from Essay Plus and expect it to sound completely Australian native.

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When you order your essay help in Australia, you can access it easily whether you are in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or in any other part of the country. Essay Plus works 24/7 to provide you support and service in order to make sure all of your needs are met. Even if your essay is due in 2 hours, EssayPlus will be ready to help you with your essay at any time of the day.

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Advantages of Essay Plus’ Essay Help Australia

There are numerous reasons why students prefer Essay Plus over other essay writing services and why you should use Essay Plus’ essay help Australia. If the statistics above doesn’t convince you yet, let’s see if the advantages listed below will:

1) Transferring universities to another country?

Well this may be the most unique reason why Essay Plus’ writing services will benefit you. As mentioned above, because we also offer essay help in different regions of the world, this has helped many students who transferred universities save a lot of time and effort. So for example, if you decide to transfer from an Australian university to an American university, you will still be able to rely on the same service - Essay Plus, as we also have American writers. Unlike the other services who claim serve the Australian region only, Essay Plus’ wide variety of professional writers allows you to still come to the same service whether you are in Australia or any other country and still expect to receive the same quality in the local English you need in that moment. Instead of facing the anxiety of not known how other services will work out, you can always rely on Essay Plus, wherever you are.

2) Quality essays - wherever you are

This is something we keep on emphasizing here on essay help Australia and relates to our first point of how it will save you time and effort if you ever decide to transfer universities. On top of the quality level you will receive in any English style you need for your essay help Australia, Essay Plus’ hiring strategy of our writers will leave you with only excellent essays - even those that require technicality or specialisation. For example, if you are looking for a dissertation on Information Technology, this is not something you can easily get any writer to do. However, with Essay Plus, since we actually do have PhD writers who have experience in writing dissertation and is also knowledgeable in IT, we would only match you with that writer who holds speciality in IT. This way, not only will you receive essay help Australia in top level English, but it will also cover technicalities as well which a normal writer who do not hold a degree in IT is not able to cover.

3) Essay Plus’ exclusive rewards program

As hinted above, one of the secret gems to Essay Plus’ essay help Australia is its’ unbeatable rewards program. When you order essay help Australia, you can earn FREE powerpoints and even FREE papers! However, this is not where your benefits end! You can also earn LIFETIME discounts just by placing a certain amount of orders for essay help Australia. You can find out more about our lifetime discount program here.

Over the past few years, Essay Plus has provided extensive essay help to students enrolled in top Australian universities such as University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, Monash University, and more.

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  • Customer feedback ★★★★★★★★★★ 10 / 10

    “I was worried that the English wouldn’t be Australian English but the essay was as if an Australian native wrote it!!“


    Essay, 2 pages.

    Corina B.(Sydney)

  • Customer feedback ★★★★★★★★★★ 9 / 10

    “The most Australian-English native paper I’ve ordered so far. Also the best essay help service in Australia - thanks!”

    Australian Studies

    Essay, 14 pages.

    Brandon P. (Melbourne)

  • Customer feedback ★★★★★★★★★★ 9 / 10

    “I didn’t expect to find such a cheap service for essay help Australia. Both the cost and quality were amazing!”


    Essay, 13 pages.

    Samuel C. (Perth)

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