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Conducting a book review of any kind requires thorough analytical skills while ensuring impeccable writing abilities. These skills required to writing book reviews, combined with the amount of time and effort needed to read the whole book can be a cause of great stress and pressure for students. Time management also becomes an issue. Keep in mind that this is not the only assignment the student is faced with - most students have to juggle between multiple assignments, ranging in size and importance, continuously. Hence, getting book review help can be of great relieve for students of any academic level.

Be assured that with EssayPlus, you will get nothing less than top quality book review help. Our book review helpers go through extensive stages of evaluation in order to properly assess their writing capabilities and ability to meet deadlines. Additionally, all of our book review helpers hold degrees from the US and are native English writers. So whenever you decide to order your next book review help with us, you can feel safe that you will only get a professional book review writer. Our writers are able to deliver book review help ahead of your set deadline, with zero plagiarism, while not missing any details of your instructions.

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EssayPlus holds a 97% customer satisfaction rate, and even higher for book review help orders. Not many companies within the same industry can proudly claim this. We do everything we can to ensure our customers are satisfied - from the quality of essays they receive, to the customer support they receive. Contact us via our live chat, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.

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How to Write a Convincing Book Review

Ever wondered how to become the next Roger Ebert? EssayPlus can help you be the judge of the next great book through our book review help and produce an exceptional book review. The purpose of most book reviews is to help the reader decide whether the book or movie is worth their time. Giving a well thought out book review is not just stating an opinion.

In any book review, make sure you have read or watched the whole book before writing a book review. Reading the cover or watching a trailer does not mean you covered the entire story-line and this may become your pitfall while you write your book review.

Introduce the reader to what book you will be reviewing and will be critiquing on. Your book review should include the book, year, genre and/or writing style. You may want to pull a quote from the book movie and use that as your hook sentence - this will capture your audience’s attention and engage the reader into being interested in your book review.

Elaborating on these basic information, the body of the book review should then set the tone by providing the background of the book/author/film/director, adjectives to describe the book or film, setting the time and place, and list the roles of the main characters in the book. This will set forth the tone of the story while providing a vivid image for the reader in the book review.

Finally, the concluding paragraph of your book review should embody a comment on the book or film including your rating of the book with reasons why you liked or did not like the book. In the book review, you may describe the main theme and moral of the book. The book review should additionally include your summary of your critique on the author’s style and if you would recommend it to others.

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