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Help with Writing an Essay

It doesn’t matter if you are in middle school, high school for your high school diploma, college / university for your bachelors, postgraduate for your Masters, or doctorates for you PhD. What remains the same universally, across all time and all level is the requirement by your teachers or professors to write an essay. The list of essays and essay topics they assign for you to write are basically never ending - essays on English, essays on philosophy, essays on social science, essays on psychology, essays on arts, essays on music, and the list goes on throughout your academic career. Let’s face it, you, like the majority of other students, do not enjoy writing essays.

What also maintains constant throughout your academic career regardless of whether you are in middle school, high school, college / university, or Masters, is that before you turn in any paper, having your essay reviewed or getting some type of help with your essay is important. It is essentially what differentiates your paper from a B and an A or even a fail and a pass. Let’s examine the two main types of help you absolutely need to get when writing an essay and especially before you turn in that essay to your professor:

Help with Essay: Editing and Proofreading

The first type of help that students get when it comes to writing an essay is editing and/or proofreading. While the option of editing and proofreading both requires an editor to ‘fix’ your essay after you have prepared or written your essay, they are different in the extent of fixes the editor will perform.

Proofreading is a form of help in the process of writing an essay in that the editor will go through your written essay and suggest fixes for spelling and grammatical errors. It is usually helpful towards the last stages of finalizing your essay.

Editing on the other is a different form of help with writing an essay in that it is a heavier load of fixes in comparison to proofreading. Editing requires the editor to go beyond making fixes on grammatical and spelling errors. It comes in extremely handy as it helps with writing an essay in that it will also suggest different sentence structures.

Help with Essay: Custom Writing Essays

While you might be more familiar with the editing and proofreading types of help with writing an essay, another option - a more popular option by students worldwide, is custom writing or custom essay writing. When students seek for help with writing an essay, students love this option for many reasons. Firstly, it helps save time from their busy schedule as most college students experience with all the exams and classes and assignments combined. Secondly, these essays that are custom written for the students provide to be great examples of what the students’ essay should look like on that particular assigned topic at an A+ level. Better yet, this is the best service that students can receive, as a writer is chosen to write an essay that is tailored to the students’ instructions. However, there are certain things to keep in mind and to look for when considering custom essay writers to help you with writing an essay.

  1. Look for services that offers only English native writers. What’s the point of getting your paper written if it was possibly going to be filled with grammatical and/or spelling errors, right?

  2. Make sure that the price is right. Of course finding a cheap help with writing an essay is in everyone’s interest, but be careful of those that are too cheap. Again, this comes back to quality. You might be able to find those that will provide help will writing an essay for as cheap as $5 a page but if you think about it, no qualified writer will work hours and hours producing anything of quality work for as low as $5. This is especially true if the writers are native English writers - meaning they are from Australia, United States, United Kingdom, or Canada as their qualifications are higher more suitable for writing academic essays and their minimum wages on average are overall higher.

  3. Check to see if the writers of the service offers are graduates of higher education as this means that your writers are more familiar with academic writing requirements and would therefore be able to produce a higher quality paper that is specific to your field whether it be geology, history, archaeology, psychology, economics, advanced mathematics, chemistry, English, creative writing, political science or nursing.

Choose Essay Plus to Help You with Writing an Essay

Now that you know what to look for, it should help narrow down your search for writers that will help you with writing an essay. But before you look any further, you will find that has everything you are looking more; plus additional benefits unlike other services in the market. Not only are all the writers at Essay Plus English native speakers, but some hold PhD degrees and are experts in subjects ranging from economics to literature so all of their help with writing your essay will not only be of excellent quality, but will also be specialized in all the technical aspects of that particular subject.

Better yet, also offers an amazing rewards program unlike any other. At, you can earn E-Stars whereby with only 20 E-Stars accumulated, you can get FREE powerpoints or custom written papers where you can get help with writing an essay at any level. You can earn this either through placing orders or through referring friends. Either way, you reap benefits - it can not get any better than this. Try ordering from and explore these benefits and experience receiving A+ quality papers and excellent help with writing an essay for yourself!

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