How to write a thesis paper
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How to Write a Thesis Paper

What is a Thesis Paper

A “thesis,” or a cognate is a written document, most often required for submission to an academic institution. This specific document - the thesis paper, presents the student or author’s research and findings for professional qualification or as part of a requirement towards the completion of a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree.

Thesis papers are known to be one of the most complex and stressful assignment during a student’s academic life. This is because it is your final research paper; which often translates into weighing the heaviest percentage of your final grade. How you score on your thesis paper can possibly make a difference between an A and A+ for your final grade.

Before we go into further details, let’s define what what a thesis is NOT. It is not a topic; it is not a fact; nor is it an opinion. For example, “cats” is a topic; “cats have paws” is a fact; and “cat paws are cute” is an opinion.

A thesis, apart from being an important written document towards the last year of your academic program, is one that makes an argument and takes a stance in a position. A good thesis paper will not have any arguments that can be answered with a “yes” or “no”. Specifically, a good thesis paper will have two parts:

  • 1) It will tell the reader what you plan to argue
  • 2) It will “telegraph” how you plan to argue your argument or position

Tips on How to Write a Thesis Paper

”How to Write a Good Thesis Paper” is probably the first thought that comes to your mind when you first begin to think about formulating your thesis. This is a good start and you’re on the right track! To help you in the process of discovering how to write a good thesis paper, I’ll set the tone for you so you have an idea of what your end goal should be. You are in a courtroom as part of a jury and are listening to the lawyer representing the allegedly accused individual. The lawyer starts to make arguments. As the jury, you will be curious to know two things:

  • 1) What side or argument the lawyer will take, and
  • 2) How the lawyer will convince me of his arguments

Do you see a pattern here for how to write a thesis paper? These are exactly the two things I mentioned in the section above. Coming back to the scene, the audience, or the readers of your thesis paper will exactly be like you in this scenario, the jury member. At the beginning of your thesis paper, there needs to be a thesis statement that lets the readers know what argument you will be making, as well as how you plan to support your argument.

Now that you have a scene set in your mind for how to write a thesis paper, let’s get to the hard part - developing a thesis.

Developing a Thesis

The most important part of your thesis paper, as indicated by the name itself, is your thesis statement. Your thesis statement should tell the reader what you will be trying to argue. In general, a thesis statement is two to three sentences in length, but should not exceed one paragraph. However, if your professor specifies the length your thesis statement should be, then it is always safer to follow your professor’s instructions. As a rule of thumb, your thesis statement, again, should only tell the reader what you will arguing about - it should not include any specific evidence or examples.

In order to get to how to write a thesis paper, you need to first understand how to develop a thesis statement.

Step 1: Identify a topic

One of the first steps in knowing how to write a thesis paper is knowing how to identify a topic for your thesis statement. The topic is basically the subject in which your thesis paper will about. The assignment might be very specific as or it might be general where you have the flexibility of choosing and exploring different aspects of the topic you want analyze.

Step 2: Derive the main point from your topic

The next step is to delve a little deeper from the topic you’ve chosen. Meaning what direction do you want to take it to? This will be the core argument - your thesis statement. In order to do so, you first need to research on your topic and look into what evidence you can find. Then, you would need to compose a thesis statement.

Step 3: Compose a draft of your thesis statement

Once you have a purpose statement, it will now be easier to create a “working” thesis statement, or a draft thesis statement. Your draft thesis statement should be arguable or debatable, at least by reasonable and educated individuals.

Assignment: Pollution in the US
Good topic: “At least 20 percent of US’ federal budget should be spent on limiting pollution.”
Reason: The reason why this is a good thesis statement for the assignment is because it is not too general - there is a clear and specific argument being made.
Another reason is because it is debatable. There may be other opinions that it is not the government’s responsibility to limit pollution, but the society’s responsibility through promoting awareness and educating the people.

Step 4: Edit, tweak, and refine your thesis statement

Once you have a working thesis, it will be good at this stage to have it “approved” per say by your professor before you proceed. Additionally, you will want to keep the rest of your paper in mind since you might want to develop and tweak and your thesis statement. You might even find that you want to take a different approach on your thesis.

Step 5: Finalize your thesis statement

After you have your topic and thesis approved, and considered all arguments and supporting evidence you can use for your thesis, then this is the stage where you can start writing your thesis paper.

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