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Do NOT Use Online Proofreading Extensions or Applications

Stop! Read this before you pay for or download online proofreading softwares such as extensions and applications. Your document will thank you for it whether it is your essay assignment for class or your blogs for business.

While it is in our nature to automate and speed up everything in our life, especially in a life filled technological advancements, writing is one instance where that will always do more harm than good. If you think about it, these online proofreading softwares (whether it is for purchase or for free) corrects grammars in the proofreading process through computer algorithms. This is simply a fancy word which says there are a set of rules set already in place.

Now if you know anything about writing and how human nature operates in the context of languages, it is a form of art. Art can be helped by technologies to an extent, yes; but it can never be fully automated. Similarly, writing can not be accurately proofread using computer algorithms. In writing, everything must be taken into context. Computers do not have the knowledge or power to do that (not yet, or not in the near future at least). Grammars only in a contextual sense combined with nuances. Nuances can not be automated. So how do you expect any online softwares to truly perform proofreading services for your paper?

Let me give you a simple example from an experiment using online proofreading softwares:

He likes technology
He like technology

None of the proofreading softwares were able to identify the error in the second line - notice that the correct grammar is with “likes,” not “like.” Although the difference is only in one letter, it makes a huge, eyebrow raising difference and the error is blatantly obvious! You can even experiment this on your own with Microsoft Word.

If You Need Proofreading, Always Use Online Proofreading Services

While you probably know now never to rely on online proofreading softwares that does not understand or take into consideration contexts or nuances, that does not mean that you should not get your paper proofread.

Proofreading is most often the last step in any writing process. After all the changes has been made during the editing process, proofreaders check for spelling and grammar mistakes along with keeping layouts and style consistent throughout the paper. Proofreaders check that the content is correct. Proofreading services include going beyond “spellchecking” to catch errors with eyes that softwares may not catch. Although with proofreading, there are no major rewriting work done, this step is nonetheless a very important step.

The best way to get your essay, thesis, dissertation, research paper, and blog proofread is through utilizing online proofreading services. This means that instead of having computer softwares, human experts who proofread papers as their living and who understand contexts and nuances proofread your work.

For example, if you were to use online proofreading services instead of proofreading softwares, the error in the example provided above would easily be identified and fixed.

Why Essay Plus’ Online Proofreading Services

In your search for reliable online proofreading services, there are a few things you should look for: 1) Reliability 2) Quality 3) Price. While most online proofreading services may have reliability, it is unusual and rare for the majority of online proofreading services to offer a complete package of reliability, quality and price. This is why most students and business have chosen Essay Plus as their preferred online proofreading services.

At Essay Plus, it strives to make sure the entire experience for customers from the moment they land on the page to the moment they interactive with a customer support representative or writer goes smoothly and enjoyable.

When customers order proofreading services from Essay Plus, all they have to do is place the order through the order form. Here, Essay Plus only asks for several basic information including the number of pages, academic level, due date, and title/topic. Once you fill out all the required fields and make the payment through Essay Plus secure portal, all customers have to do is wait and expect to receive excellent papers delivered to their email and/or client panel.

Upon receiving an order, what Essay Plus does is match you with the best proofreader for your order. The way Essay Plus does is by examining the academic level as well as the topic of your paper. For example if your paper is a Master’s degree Engineering paper, then Essay Plus will match you with a proofreader holding a PhD in Engineering. This way, no technical details are missed. The reason why Essay Plus is able to provide you with a specialized proofreaders as part of its online proofreading services is due to its’ hiring process. So far, Essay Plus has hired proofreaders who hold specialities ranging in over one hundred disciplines - all with at least a Bachelor’s degree from the US, Canada, or UK.

Essay Plus also has proofreaders and customer support teams working 24/7 so all customers are provided with online access to the person they need at any given time across all time zones. Essay Plus’ online proofreading services provides you with proofreaders who are able to proofread your work anywhere you write online. Moreover, even if your deadline is short, no worries - Essay Plus is able to complete orders in as short as 2 hours.

Although the aforementioned only covers how Essay Plus is one of the few online proofreading services that has proven itself to be dependable while providing only quality work, customers are always satisfied with the price they as well. Not only is Essay Plus one of the cheapest online proofreading service in the industry for quality work but it also offers the best savings program. For example, Essay Plus’ lifetime discount program offers discounts of up to 20% on ALL orders for customer’s lifetime with Essay Plus. Another example is Essay Plus’ rewards program. With this rewards program, students are able to earn FREE papers and FREE powerpoints of their choice!

Whether it's a Word document, a tweet, an email, or a Facebook post, Essay Plus has got you covered. Essay Plus is also able to process and work with any document format you upload regardless of whether it is a Microsoft Word document, pages, PDF, LaTex, or rich text files.

Place an order with Essay Plus today for online proofreading services and receive immaculate work whether it be your academic essays or blogs for your business.

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