How to Write an A+ Essay
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How to Write an A Plus Essay

Writing essays is by itself a complex and time-consuming task. Competing writing essays, considering all the effort that is often required in doing so, feels like a never ending chore. But rather than your goal being to complete writing essays, what if you also cared about receiving a good grade by submitting an A+ essay, or at least close to an A+ essay? Maybe you really need that A plus essay in order to pass your course. Perhaps that A plus on your final essay is your last chance to get you over that bench mark to become recognized as an honors student. Maybe it’s a certain GPA you’re aiming for where you need that A plus essay. Whatever the reason may be, A+ essays are never a bad thing and never hurts. Submitting A plus essays can help you achieve various goals which may lead you to greater things so even if you don’t have a specific goal in mind, always try to aim for the best grade possible when writing and handing in your essays.

Now here is the big question that might cross your mind: “how to write an A+ essay”?

Writing an A+ Essay

Whether you have a goal to receive A plus essays or not, every student during their academic career has at least wondered how to write an A plus essay. It definitely is possible. Keep calm and follow the six steps below and you will be that much closer to writing A+ papers.

1) Step 1: Research

Ok, as a former student, I know that all of your professors instruct you to decide on what exactly you want to write about and then research on it. Here is a secret. Choosing a topic before your research and writing an essay might be a very inefficient way to write an A plus essay. It is always best to do a general research first before you start writing about any topic. Because guess what? If you lock yourself into one topic but it turns out your resources are very limited on that specific once you start researching on it, you are basically stuck. It becomes almost impossible to write a research paper on something you can’t research on. Perform your research carefully so that you feel confident you have 1) enough reliable and reputable resources to use, and 2) you can assert your position or stance or opinion.

2) Step 2: Choose your thesis

The thesis statement of your essay is more specific than the topic you chose and lets the reader know what you will be writing about and what claim you will be making. While it should be clear what your argument it, it should also leave the reader curious enough to continue reading your essay. As a matter of fact, this may be where you win or lose the reader’s attention so this may be one of the key points you need to focus on when considering how to write an A plus essay.

You may be confident in your writing skills but some people just need a push in the right direction for a good thesis to get them started. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us for help even if all you need is a good thesis you give you that extra push so you can write an a plus essay.

3) Step 3: Write an Outline

While this is not the most important step to writing an A plus essay, depending on what works best for you, you may want to create an outline for your essay to help you organize your thoughts better. Usually, your outline should include an introduction, three paragraphs with key points you want to address in each, and a conclusion.

4) Step 4: Write the Body Paragraphs

Always make sure you have your thesis statement before you write your body paragraphs. You don’t want to write your body paragraphs, only to realize that it does not fit with your thesis. As long as you have your thesis, you’re writing will be headed towards the right direction - the direction towards writing an A plus essay!

In general, you should have three body paragraphs, each addressing different topics or arguments in relation to your thesis.

5) Step 5: Write the Introduction and Conclusion

Most of you might think to write the introduction first because it comes in the beginning of the essay but you’ll be surprised to find out that in order to write an A plus essay, it’s actually best to writing your introduction towards the end of your writing process. This is because your introduction and conclusion are actually quite similar. In both the introduction and conclusion, you need to basically ‘summarize’ what your essay is about, or was about.

6) Step 6: Edit, revise, and polish

Now the last step in knowing how to write an A plus essay is basically the checking and fixing of your essay once it’s complete. You might think editing and proofreading is not a necessary task after you finish writing but you are completely wrong if you think that. This step can actually make a difference between a C level essay and an A+ essay. If you want to find out more about this step, you can check out more on editing and proofreading in our other blogs. Otherwise, you can simply ask Essay Plus’ professional editors to polish, perfect, and transform your essay into an A+ essay.

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