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The Importance of Cheap Blog Writing Services

"A blog is the single best way to attract new visitors to your website." - Hub Spot

Simply maintaining a business blog is no longer an option as online content becomes the first and most important aspect for all businesses. Statistics have shown that 57% of all decisions are already made upon viewing content, even before speaking with any representative.

Having high quality blog content written at a cheap and affordable price is the key to any successful online business. For the first time, after many years of being in this industry, we share how our most successful clients find quality blogs written for cheap and the ins and outs of how cheap blog writing services work.

How Our Most Successful Clients Succeeded with Quality Blogs

Essay Plus, after being in the blog writing service industry and having worked directly with tens of thousands of online businesses over the past few years, we discovered several things that might surprise most readers.

When clients initially reach out to Essay Plus for cheap blog writing services, they either have been seeing no results after having tried many routes or have been hiring expensive blog writing services believing that the quality would be better but ending up with their bank accounts rapidly draining with little results. Now what these businesses were doing were either not looking in the right direction or were misinformed that expensive equates to better.

As a rule of thumb, you should always offload blog writing to cheap blog writing services and the most successful companies became successful doing so. This is because writing blogs is actually time consuming (especially if you are doing it for an online business as the writing techniques differs and there are many small tricks for Search Engine Optimization purposes). Moreover, with the time you would writing pages after pages, there are other things you could be doing for your web business that would be more beneficial. After all, it is not only just a few blogs you need for your web business. Realistically, you need up to hundreds and thousands of blogs. Yes, that’s a lot of blogs to write.

For blogs to be effective on the interwebs and for search engines to properly prioritize your blog page, keep in mind that it should be approximately 1000 words.

If you produce 100 blogs of 1000 words instead of utilizing cheap blog writing services, that’s 100000 words to write all by yourself. Even then, 100 blogs is probably still not enough if you want to scale up. The more blogs, the better your ranking. If let’s say you produce one blog per 2 hours, that’s 200 hours you have to spend when you could have spent that time doing other things to improve your business and website - all for just 100 blogs.

What is the Cheapest Price I can Get for Quality Blog Writing Services?

Now that you know the length you should be expecting for when producing blogs, let’s talk about what you should be expecting to pay and why you should outsource and offload blog writing. While there is some truth to the saying that “you get what you pay for,” this is not an absolute truth and limitations apply. For example, if you expect to get a 1000 word blog written for $2, then we can guarantee you that it is most likely plagiarized / not 100% original, which will actually hurt your online ranking. It will also not even be close to any work deemed as being of good quality. If you think about it, it’s just simple logic that any writer educated or capable enough to produce excellent quality blog writing will never spend hours of their time making sure that the blog they deliver to you is quality when they are being paid only $2.

Keep in mind you need to find the right price for blogs. As mentioned in the example above, it is always possible to find dirt cheap writers but if let’s say you pay only $2 for a 1000 word blog, do not expect it to be worthwhile investment at all. It is of course easier to spend $800 per a 1000 word blog and yes, you will most likely receive a good quality blog. But of course all customers want to save money so you want to spend as little as possible. Instead of spending $800 for a quality blog, you can find cheap blog writing services that will provide you the same or better quality at approximately $60-$100 USD. Of course different blog writing services will have different pricing structures but on average, $60-$100 is how much you should be expecting to pay for any quality blog writing.

One thing to watch out for before you pay is that when any blog writing services say they will write “a blog” for you, make sure it is not only 200 words. Make sure that it is approximately 1000 words.

Once you find a reliable and cheap blog writing service, you will find that the quality they produce is actually better than if you were to tire yourself out producing them single handedly with sleepless nights.

Essay Plus’ Cheap Blog Writing Services

Essay Plus is proud of the fact that after these businesses utilize Essay Plus’ cheap blog writing services, they all have seen drastically improved results or an increase in their profit by three-fold within only a few months. Better yet, none of them spent a dime more than they should have. They all received a very affordable price for quality blogs and this has always been the key to their success.

Essay Plus’ cheap blog writing services consist of experienced professionals who are not only native English writers with at least a Bachelor's degree but are also knowledgeable in SEO. This makes the blogs Essay Plus’ teams produce not only error free and eye-catching but also beneficial for search ranking through the special techniques used. Essay Plus’ clients are also able leave all blog tasks to Essay Plus as well if let’s say they want blogs to be posted as part of the service as well with amazing layouts. This is more work and stress off your shoulders as a valuable customer.

Check out how much your order might be if you choose Essay Plus’ cheap blog writing services to produce quality, cheap blogs for you here. You will find that Essay Plus offers one of the cheapest services in the industry and moreover, once you receive your order, you will find that the quality is impeccable. Not only will the blogs be SEO optimized to help your website increase in ranking, but it will also attract and potentially convert your readers. Be ready expect more traffic to your website.

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