Frequently Asked Questions | Affiliates FAQ

What is Essay Plus Affiliate Program?

Essay Plus's affiliate program is very simple. As an affiliate, all you have to do is place a tracking text link (provided to you upon request) or a banner on your website, email, e-book, social profile, or any other location online and start sending traffic to Essay Plus. Completing this simple step makes you our official affiliate and all you have to do is simply wait for us to pay you on the 1st of every month, the commission of all the first orders placed by a user referred by you.

How do I become an Affiliate?

Simply shoot us an email to indicating that you are interested in becoming an affiliate. In your email, please specify the following:

  1. whether you want to place a banner or just receive a tracking url (if you are planning to place a banner and would like us to provide banners for you, please specify required banner dimensions)
  2. your website url
  3. screenshots and URLs of where you plan to promote Essay Plus

Am I a good fit for Essay Plus’ Affiliate Program?

Although Essay Plus’ affiliate program is most suited for blogs and websites that focus on education, academic writing, study abroad, English, and university or college students, other more generic types of websites have also found success as an affiliate of Essay Plus.

What are your payment options?

Essay Plus provides two payment options in which you can receive your payout in: PayPal and occasionally Payoneer. Payment processor fees apply*.

How can I see my performance and commissions?

For every banner or link you place on your site, it is connected to a unique tracking URL assigned to you upon application. When a customer clicks through from your site to and places an order for any of Essay Plus’ services, we record that conversion and attribute it to your account. On the Monday of every week (Pacific Time Zone, UTC -08.00), you will be provided with a weekly report of all the clicks including date, time, city, and country, user session/browsing history as well as the dollar amount of each successful order. Upon which, we will payout the commission of successful orders to you on the first of every month for orders cleared for payouts. This means that the payouts are made for services that has been delivered successfully without any cancellations.

Where should I place banners and/or links?

If your goal is to earn as much cash and benefit from this affiliate program as much as possible, we suggest you to place our banners or links towards the top of the page as this generally increases Click Through Rates (CTR).

When you are placing our banners or tracking urls on your website, please make sure that it is not placed with a large number of other promotions and that it is easily visible and is located on pages that are of relevant content. Examples of relevant content: education, colleges, universities, students, academic writing, transfer students, writing, resumes, and study abroad.

Can I use emails and newsletters to promote Essay Plus?

Yes - you most definitely can. This is a smart and effective way to spread the word and increase your chances of sending more traffic to Essay Plus and potentially increasing your earnings.

How does tracking URL look like?

Tracking URLs are used to track users referred by you to Essay Plus. Tracking url(s) are provided to you upon request when you apply to become our affiliate. A tracking URL is assigned per domain and will generally look as follow:

Become an Affiliate
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